The Redemption Saga

An ancient Cursed bloodline, a world-crossed romance, tyrant kings, a princess with dragon wings, a scandalous love affair, and a sorcerer meant to reign in chaos… this is the the Redemption Saga.

What if for your entire life your mother declared you’re destined to wed a king from a magical world?

Would you believe her? Probably not.

I didn’t believe her either, until a handsome, other-worldly king showed up to claim me as his bride.

Despite my uncanny attraction to him, I let the magical king know about a complication: I’m already engaged to somebody else. However, when monsters from King Alvar’s world mistake my best friend for me and kidnap her to prevent a treaty between our realms, I find myself crossing over into King Alvar’s strange world anyway.

But marrying a man I barely know and adapting to a fantastical new world is nothing compared to learning just how many dark secrets my new husband hides and that the fates of both my world and Alvar’s rest on MY shoulders.

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Like my father, King Alvar, I was born a Cursed… the first female Cursed in the history of my world.

That means my care-free twin brother, Kalvar, is destined to be the next heir to Underland’s throne. Kalvar is celebrated and loved by the people, while I live as my people’s shame, the freak with dragon wings, avoided by most… including any suitors.

However, with the kingdom weakened by my father’s sudden disappearance, it becomes apparent that an old enemy has been waiting in the shadows for the perfect moment to strike.

Could it be a Cursed princess like me may be the only person capable of protecting the peace my father and mother risked everything to establish?

Read the first five chapters for free!