A little about Silver Reins

Silver Reins is a writer, artist, musician, and a mother of two. She lives with her family and pets in Florida. Follow her channel on Youtube for her writer’s vlog or follow her Wattpad account.

What Wattpad Readers Have Said

Best Fantasy Book

This is my best fantasy book so far here on Wattpad. I love the perfect blend of fantasy and romance. Words are not enough but one thing I know is that this book got me hook, line and sinker! – ocana6

Movie Playing in my Mind

This is one among the best books I’ve ever read you were able to make me imagine all the characters I felt like it was a movie playing in my mind I truly enjoyed it so… For that thank you – vatnievlyn

I Will Recommend Bride of Alvar

An amazing book! I will definitely read the sequel, it has only taken me two days to read this entirely as it kept me wanting to turn the next page to keep reading more of Alvar, Lucy, and Underlund. @SilverReins you have a new fan in me. I will recommend this book to all I know and can’t wait for the rest of your work. If you are to publish your works I would gladly pay for my own copy. Keep up the fantastic job!  – RayzaMichelleOrtizCr

Writing Gifts

Thank you for sharing your writing gift with US!  Really enjoyed Bride of Alvar and will be reading the next one. – sredbird20


The ending is as beautiful as the rest of the novel. Your story was absolutely breathtaking! – scarletLilies


I truly love Alvar and Lucy and their determination. How Alvar tried his best to not be controlled by Saul and hurt Lucy. Also how Lucy never gave up on Alvar.

Everything about this book was amazing. <3 Will definitely read the sequel. 🙂Aragwin


Wow, I’m speechless with the way you wrote this story! I couldn’t put my phone down all day. It was truly beautiful and soooo unexpected in so many ways! You’re amazing and I have so much love for you great and mighty author!!! 😂❤❤ – alexandrusar

Write for a Living

My god! That was amazing! You should write for a living and get this book published! I think it would be a hit- and I’m a big reader. This was the first book on Wattpad that I read and I loved it! -unnamed

Great Sense of Taste

“You have a great sense of taste and a wonderful imagination…while reading it gave me the feeling that I’m there … good read .. keep up the good work” – eesh23

Relationship Blooms

This story is fantastic! You had me hooked all the way through and the character is very engaging with no one forgotten or left to the sidelines. I love the way their relationship blooms from the necessity to love as they know each other and gain trust. Your world building was excellent and realistic. Fantastic job! 💕 – sweetchilddomie

Incredible Job

This is the first book of its kind I’ve read outside of a library that has made me fall in love with it and its characters! If you do go through with publishing it, and I hope to god you do, I’d be the first to buy… Incredible job, it’s well thought out and has beautifully depicted characters and scenery! I could picture and see everything you described! Amazing job, Silver Reins – mooker

What Goodreads Readers Have Said

I finished reading this book in one sitting which is a huge thing for me because these days only a few books manage to capture my interest for long . The fantasy genre in general has become too predictable and repetitive but this story has a new and refreshing concept with an amazing story line and well written characters.

  • Zara Khan

Spent all day reading this one too. haha. The author has officially broken my Fantasy dry spell.

  • Elora Ryan